Client Web Pages

Here are some of the companies that Suburban Computer Services has aided in implementing a presence on the internet.

The look and feel of each web page is different, but the goals and expectations are the same. This list represents a mixture of ecommerce, catalog and web presence sites.

CAD Integration Sites
Suburban Computer Services has partnered with PARTsolutions to provide our clients with suite programs that provide CAD and 3D modeling, inventory catalogs, pricing and on-line quoting ordering. The SCS content is wrapped around the customer provided pages.

Albion Casters
Manufacturer of industrial casters. Site features integration of WordPress with customer inventory database.

Hub City
Manufacturer of Industrial Components. Site features complex parametric search selection tool.

Eaton Corporation
Manufacturer of hydrolic cylinders. Site features a calculation tool to determine if the configured cylinder will buckle under the required load as well as distributor pricing and availability.

Welker Engineered Products
Manufacturer of Industrial Components.

Catalog Sites
These sites produce product catalog pages directly from their database. Products can be searched on a variety of parameters. System administrators can easily added, change or remove items using simple on-line tools.

Equipment Specialists
Reseller of used industrial machinery. Site features a behind the scenes quoting and tracking feature.

International Machine
Reseller of used industrial machinery. Inventory integrated with products provided by Locator Online

Web Presence Sites
Tell the story of your company or organization including products and services available.

Tri-State Insurance Agency
Homeowners insurance for manufactured housing.

J. Michaels Associates
Automotive materials consultant.